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How Our Litigation Support Can Help Developers

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How Our Litigation Support Can Help Developers

Construction projects are complex, involve various companies, and, for lack of a better term, require a lot of moving parts. We always hope the job goes as smooth as possible, but sometimes that’s not always the case. m2e has an award-winning team providing support for developers when they need it most, even if that’s in the courtroom.

What is Litigation Support as it Relates to Construction Projects?

Litigation support is simply a team that helps a client in legal counsel. m2e focuses on construction litigation. We provide top-notch representation in commercial, residential, and hospitality institutional projects, always putting the client first.

Whether the issue be a breach of contract or professional negligence, m2e is there to prosecute and defend in the best interest of the stakeholder.

We’ve helped a client base nationwide save money, perform quality control, and solve their problems with our legal counsel. Not only do we strive for excellence, but we have the expertise to help our clients succeed.

What Types of Litigation Support Does m2e Offer?

m2e covers various different properties, so we’ve created a well-rounded team with specialized talents to support our developers with a wide range of services.

Construction Litigation Support

At m2e we have engineers on staff, as well as attorney services, so we really know what it is that our client needs on a case-by-case basis. We have knowledge in providing support for building owners to architects, and even general contractors.

Construction litigation support can be seen in state or federal court depending on the intensity of the claim. We assist clients in project regulation, claim elimination, code violations, and much more.

We help solve your problems, save you from sleepless nights, and give you peace of mind.

Expert Witnessing Services

Plain and simple, an expert witness is someone with the expertise, education, or skills that qualify that person to testify on behalf of someone else. In our case, we specialize in construction litigation supporting developers.

We know construction projects, in fact, we work with our own staff of engineers. Our award-winning team strives for greatness in understanding each case from beginning to end. Support doesn’t just stop after a paycheck is received. We counsel and testify as a witness. We provide the best foundation for our clients, so they find success in their case, and we see it through to the very end.


Mediation is different from litigation. Litigation means lawsuit. Mediation is trying to settle a dispute without going to trial.

Mediation most likely happens when both parties decide to resolve the problem this way.

The mediator will listen to both parties, review all the documents, educate themself on the case, and professionally come up with a consenting option. This option is in replacement of a legally-binding decision.


Arbitration is another way to avoid filing a lawsuit or going to court, but there is still a hearing that takes place.

An arbitrator, a third party, will hear both sides of a case outside of court. The arbitrator will see all evidence and documents that go along to support both parties.

Then, the arbitrator will make a ruling. This is the decision made to resolve the case.

Litigation Preparation, Presentation, and Support

If you’ve gotten to this point, that means a lawsuit has been filed. Have no fear, m2e is here. Our expert team of attorneys will help you prep, present, and provide support to make this process as smooth as can be.

Not only does are litigation support team make the process easy, but we have proven success in helping our clients save time, money, and a headache.

Advantages of Using m2e and Our Litigation Support Team

First and foremost, our team delivers. m2e is supported by a staff of experienced and qualified leaders. We won The Daily Business Review’s ‘Best Of’ award in 2020, recognized as GROWFL’s ‘Companies To Watch’ in 2020, and even featured in Inc. Magazine’s ‘Inc. 250 Most Successful Companies in Florida’ in 2020. 

Beyond our determined and motivated work ethic, our team is also licensed and insured in the services we provide. Simply, we do things the right way.

Our Support Footprint 

We do our best to have a large support footprint across the state of Florida. We reach Miami to Orlando and even in Tampa.

Here are all of the areas we support:

If you are in any of these areas and need the best litigation support team around, we are here to help you. Remember, we make sure to serve the clients benefit, problem solve, and do so with the utmost integrity. For the best litigation support teams to work with you tomorrow, get in touch with us today.

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