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    Searching for expert-level engineering services in the Space Coast?

    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services throughout the state of Florida.

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    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money on your next Space Coast project.

    m2e’s staff of talented engineers and technicians provide a wide range of consulting services to clients along Florida’s beautiful Space Coast. We work with the local construction and real estate industry to bring exciting new projects to life and make places like Daytona Beach and Palm Bay even more exciting cities. At m2e, we have worked tirelessly to develop our reputation and build relationships as a trusted partner for developers working in residential, commercial and industrial markets across the country. We are passionate about our work and love a good challenge. With an expert team that spans across multiple engineering disciplines, m2e is ready to serve as a full-service consulting firm for the Space Coast.

    Space Coast Area Developer Services

    m2e is a leading provider of consulting services for Space Coast area real estate professionals and land developers. Our team works closely with clients in the construction and development industry to drive new growth and inject life into the region with exciting new properties. Our team works in tandem with land developers to find good locations for investment, secure building permits and find funding. The Space Coast is still ready for launch, and we are happy to do our part.

    Quality Assurance

    Without a commitment to quality work, an engineering firm has nothing to stand on. We take quality very seriously at m2e because our clients demand it and our reputation and ability to continue helping the community depends on it. Our firm has strict quality control processes in place to make sure that we are giving our best effort on every project, regardless the size. We have hundreds of clients over the years who can speak to our high standards and determination to exceed them. Our commitment to quality work extends beyond the design phase, and we remain engaged with our clients as they begin working on construction.

    Full-Service Engineering Consulting for Developers

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    Litigation Support

    A court case, either defending your work or seeking repayment for failure to live up to a contract, can be intimidating for developers or construction firms. If you find yourself in this position, trust an experienced engineer from m2e to help build a strong case and fight on your behalf. We support you throughout the legal process and help build a strong case founded on hard engineering facts and backed up by an expert witness with decades of experience.

    Project Management

    m2e’s Space Coast engineering staff is comprised of experienced project managers who know how to get the job done on large projects. Our team will be with you throughout the entire process to make sure all parties involved stick to the schedule and budget. We will work with you as project managers through all stages of the project, beginning with feasibility studies and working through design and construction. We will continue as your project manager until you take full ownership of the building and perform a final walkthrough to inspect the finished site. We have helped owners through many difficult, challenging projects and are eager to assist you.

    Property Condition Assessment

    Without a property condition assessment, you’ll be closing on a real estate transaction blind. You can close with confidence by working with m2e’s structural engineers on a full assessment and inspection to guarantee you’re getting exactly what you paid for. The assessment will identify any flaws in the building and help you understand whether or not significant repairs or rehabilitation will be required. m2e’s assessment will also include an estimate of the fair market value of the building or land and help you determine whether the price you’re paying is fair. You will receive a detailed report summarizing our findings related to all structural components of the building and its mechanical and electrical systems.

    Specialty Engineering

    m2e’s Space Coast team is a diverse and innovative group of designers with a history of working cross-discipline to solve challenging engineering problems that require a creative solution. Our talented engineers will work with you to develop a creative design that meets your needs. We welcome the chance to work with clients on specialty engineering projects.

    Condominium Services on the Space Coast

    Our team has experience working on condominium projects up and down the Florida coast and works with owners to maximize the value of their buildings. m2e works closely with condominium developers along the Space Coast to secure their land, analyze structural components and create construction plans. Work with us to manage the construction of your building and guide you through the next steps to opening the building for residents. Finally, m2e can also work with condominium developers on commissioning services and manage the long-term maintenance and operation of the building.

    Turnover Services

    When the construction of your condo building is complete, you can continue working with m2e to close out the project and prepare accurate turnover reports. We will walk you through the process. Our structural engineers will perform a final inspection and issue a report analyzing the finished architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical systems. Before you take full ownership, read our report and study our findings to make sure there are no issues with the construction. If m2e finds any issues, we will work with you to find a solution.

    Specialty Engineering for the Space Coast-Area Condos

    If your project requires specialty engineering design for a building envelope, m2e’s team covering the Space Coast have the expertise required to get the job done. The building envelope is your building’s last line of defense against the elements, and in Florida, that’s definitely very important. m2e’s staff will design your building’s envelope system which will seal out everything the environment throws at it, protecting the structural system and making it a comfortable place to live or work.

    Attorney Services

    m2e’s Space Coast engineers work closely with local plaintiff and defense attorneys to provide legal consultation relating to engineering, construction and real estate cases, as well as expert witness testimony when required to help win a case. Our staff features talented engineers whose knowledge spans multiple industries and disciplines. There will be at least one person on our team who can offer a solid engineering opinion related to your legal case. We make sure our engineers to up to date on their legal education with continuing education. m2e’s engineers are familiar with dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. We also assist attorneys with engineering inspections that can be used as supporting evidence.

    Litigation Support

    m2e is a trusted partner for the legal and engineering community along the Space Coast when there are questions related to mismanaged construction or poorly performed work. We also provide help on the defense if your firm’s work is questioned. m2e works with attorneys and clients on construction cases related to contract resolution, defective work, insurance claims and industrial accidents. We will work with you to provide guidance where assistance is needed from an engineer.

    Expert Witnessing

    Expert witness testimony is essentially for cases dealing with engineering or construction disputes. If you find yourself or your firm heading to court, give m2e a call because we can offer our engineering expertise as a witness. Our firm will send an engineer who is an expert in his or her discipline and back your case to increase your chance of winning.

    Inspection and Reporting

    A licensed engineer’s inspection report is crucial when it comes to building a winning case for a construction dispute. This fact is not lost on m2e, and we offer inspection services for clients facing a court case over a construction project gone wrong. We will complete a thorough inspection and write a detailed summary of our findings, evaluating potential defects in the work performed and comparing the finished product to contract documents and drawings.

    Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

    If both parties are in agreement that they would like to avoid a long, drawn-out court battle to resolve their disputes, some form of mediation or arbitration may be in order. m2e will work with both sides to reach an agreement that is fair. We help throughout the mediation or arbitration process and find a solution that works for everyone.

    Architectural Services

    At m2e, our engineers have built strong partnerships with architects on the Space Coast. They count on us to provide the engineering power that can bring their vision from an artistic rendering to a physical presence. m2e’s structural engineers design the building’s frame and the MEP team will design the systems that are required to bring make the building a functional place to live and work. On the Space Coast, architects know they can trust our engineers to help with the finishing touches for their buildings.

    Design and Engineering

    m2e’s engineering team brings a comprehensive design approach to every project we start. We deploy a multi-disciplinary team that will be able to develop creative solutions to complex structures and buildings. m2e’s engineers are passionate about helping our clients bring their vision into the physical world.

    Structural Design

    m2e’s structural engineers work closely with architects to take what they’ve drawn on paper and analyze and design the structural components like beams, columns and connections. We make sure the building will stand up safely under all applied loads. m2e also offers additional structural services like building inspection, detailing for rehabilitation and post-construction analysis.

    Electrical Design

    Bring the juice to your building by working with m2e on electrical system design. Our team of electrical engineers and designers with design a system with more than enough power and capacity to smoothly run your building. We are experienced in applying all electrical codes and regulations and will deliver a safe, efficient system that can handle whatever demand you throw at it.

    Mechanical Design

    A good mechanical system provides your building with clean air and maintains a comfortable temperature no matter the season. On the Space Coast, we know the hot and humid summer months can make life unbearable, but the inside of your building won’t be if you work with m2e’s MEP team to design an HVAC system that can deliver cool air around the clock even in the hottest, stickiest days of the year.

    Plumbing Design

    m2e’s engineers will work with you to design a plumbing system that delivers water to your building. Our systems carry in a continuous supply of clean drinking water. We also have experience designing plumbing systems for industrial use that can handle wastewater and effluent and safely remove it from the premises

    Fire Protection Design

    Fire protection is key to providing your residents and occupants peace of mind that they will be safe in your building if a fire occurs. Our engineers work with developers and contractors to apply fire codes and make sure that their design includes sufficient fire exits, clearly marked escape routes and enough fire extinguishers. If required, our plumbing team is also capable of designing a sprinkler system for an added level of protection.

    Civil Design

    m2e’s Space Coast civil engineers work hand in hand with structural engineers to finalize the project details with site design services. m2e’s civil design capabilities include stormwater design, traffic studies and grading and landscaping plans. Trust the m2e civil team to maximize your site’s potential.

    Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

    Fireproofing systems and glazing are an integral part of building design. They serve to protect everyone inside in the event of a fire. m2e works closely with building owners to guarantee that their buildings will be safe during fire. We work closely with you to design a fire safing system that meets your building needs.

    Construction Administration

    Managing construction and securing contracts with vendors and builders can be challenging. If you need help in the construction phase, partner with m2e on construction administration. We will coordinate and monitor construction activities and serve as a point of contact for owners and their contractors. m2e’s construction administration services include contract management and execution, monitoring, inspection and materials testing.

    Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

    m2e will continue to support and protect our clients if they are facing legal challenges or bring a case forward against a contractor. We can serve as expert witnesses and provide litigation support to help you build a strong case. Our experts have knowledge of how legal proceedings work in real estate, engineering and construction court battles and will back you up with strong engineering judgment.

    Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

    If a new building features complex, modern systems, it can be difficult to train staff to handle and operate them properly. Without specialized knowledge, building owners may struggle to run their systems efficiently and safely. m2e offers commissioning services to help building owners teach their staff to properly operate and maintain their electrical, lighting and HVAC systems.

    Independent Building Expert Services

    When building complex structures with complex systems, it’s important to have a full understanding of how to operate and maintain them. If this is your situation, m2e has the expertise to work with you and help things run smoothly. We build long-term relationships with building owners to manage their maintenance and systems operation beyond the initial construction window.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly serves the Space Coast region, including Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Vero Beach, Titusville, Palm Bay and Daytona Beach. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

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