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Women At m2e
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The difference makers.

Women In Engineering

Fact: m2e wouldn't be the firm it is today without the remarkably talented and professional women that serve as part of our team.

Despite the great strides made toward gender equality in recent years, there remains several areas in which women continue to be underrepresented in the workforce — to the detriment of companies everywhere. Not least of these is engineering.

Today, that fact is something we combat every day at m2e. The absence of women in our profession is not ideal, and more than that, we acknowledge this as more than just a broad gender-based retention problem. It requires action.

In a historically male-dominated industry, we recognize the significant contributions women can make and how important it is to recruit and support them. That’s why m2e is committed to fostering an equitable work environment and providing the resources necessary to promote the success, advancement, and retention of our female leaders.

Inclusion & Impact

Fact: Women comprise 38% of m2e's workforce, well above the 24% industry average.

At m2e, we emphasize mutual care, consideration, and peer support to encourage all team members to spur growth and equal opportunity. This focus is not only directed at addressing gender barriers in the field, but has helped position m2e as a leader in the industry.

We are privileged to leverage the creativity, knowledge, and experience of the women at m2e — and their impact is felt across the organization. 

We are proud to say that the female members of the m2e team in no small part enhance our ability to span every aspect of the built environment and offer each client the high level of technical expertise, professionalism, and integrity that they have come to expect from us.