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    Searching for expert-level engineering services in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area?

    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services throughout the state of Florida.

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    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money on your next Tampa-area project.

    m2e is a full-service engineering consulting firm with offices in Tampa-St. Petersburg that works to add value to physical assets around the world. With expertise in providing reliable, innovative and high-quality services to residential, commercial and hospitality institutional markets, m2e has helped clients nationwide with their properties and projects. We can handle every last detail of any client’s particular needs, whether that be eliminating compliance and liability issues or construction consulting, we can perfectly tailor solutions for you.

    Tampa-Area Developer Services

    m2e helps many Tampa-area real estate and property developers purchase land, dwellings and properties as well as enhance them to increase their resale value. We have the technical knowledge necessary to obtain licensing and produce projections for finances. The end goal is always to make client’s the most profit by finding the best locations, sourcing funds, obtaining planning permission, building on raw land, organizing renovations or repairs and leasing property.

    Quality Assurance

    We have years of experience for technical abilities such as reading and writing code to help developers negotiate and aptitude tests. m2e drives excellence for control processes to meet your organization’s quality standard objectives. If we identify quality non-conformance, we will develop corrective and preventative action plans by handling deviations and priorities. To ensure the highest level of quality, we may even introduce and implement new process engineering, and quality management methods. Periodic site inspections of Tampa projects will check quality statuses to minimize wastage and closeout delays.

    Full-Service Engineering Consulting for Developers

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    Litigation Support

    Real estate-based legal challenges in the Tampa area can be complex. m2e provides expert construction consulting and advisory services for these challenges to help clients with proper dispute scoping, provide engineering construction industry-leading research and provide proven case preparation. By analyzing relevant strategies and damages theories, we can implement a systematic approach to the collection, verification and use of pertinent data relevant to your case. Our engineering experts have experience testifying in arbitration hearings and property tax proceedings in local, state and federal courts.

    Project Management

    m2e’s Tampa-St. Petersburg engineering consultants will act as your representative in dealings with any architects, consultants, councils and builders. We can assist you in the conceptualization of your project by determining its feasibility and obtaining development approval on time and within budget. We will work across all or any stages of your project including conception, design, construction, completion and closeout such as securing permits, ensuring requirements, fielding proposal requests and managing the project budget/schedules.

    Property Condition Assessment

    Purchasing, leasing, financing or even maintaining a piece of commercial real estate requires a property condition assessment, or PCA in order to gauge the current state of the property. This building inspection is a formal standard to assess commercial property and is commonly performed as part of a property transaction. Documenting property conditions is also useful for prospective insurance claim purposes and assessing necessary repairs for high-rise condominiums. We have a team of FAA-licensed pilots in the Tampa-St. Petersburg that use drone observation to inspect and report all engineering disciplines.

    Specialty Engineering

    We support specialty designs, inspections and any technical activities that may be required to deliver a project. Thorough knowledge in these specified fields is necessary to provide the specialized advice needed to support the overall effort. Our team has every kind of technical specialization needed to ensure effective project delivery.

    Condominium Services in Tampa-St. Petersburg

    Our Tampa-St. Petersburg condominium experts can assist in the mediation, arbitration, preparation and presentation of any construction engineering litigation that may come up. Engineering consulting services are helpful in providing technical information and solutions for a new condo building or remodel. Our licensed engineers can sign off on both the preliminary and final construction documents for building permits and other municipal requirements. We have the experience needed in these technical issues involved as well as a familiarity with the special needs that come along with condominiums.

    Turnover Services

    We provide pre-turnover and turnover reports in order to assist the condominium boards or owners with completing all tasks to the highest standard of quality. Tampa-St. Petersburg projects are carefully inspected to provide a quality assessment of every aspect such as architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical as well as provide a quality assessment for turnover inspections and reports. We also guarantee post-turnover assistance in condo settlement and repair inspection.

    40-Year and 50-Year Certifications

    The city of Tampa requires structures that are 40 years or older to be recertified in order to ensure they are safe for continued use. In order to receive a 40/50-year recertification, an experienced architect or engineer will need to inspect the property. Our team of seasoned engineers has an abundance of experience to thoroughly inspect your property and provide the credentials needed to move forward.

    Specialty Engineering for Tampa-Area Condos

    To best serve the needs of our Tampa-St. Petersburg clients, we support special inspector services, enveloper consulting and construction assistance. One of the most important components in a building design is the building envelope. Our team will help in the maintenance and protection of your structure by ensuring that the boundary between the interior and exterior of the building is tight and insulated.

    Attorney Services

    The engineering consultants at m2e Tampa-St. Petersburg can offer expert testimony in the form of preparation and presentation for both plaintiff and defense attorneys for construction litigation. Our staff has experience with providing expert witness services for various different engineering disciplines. We frequently participate in a variety of dispute resolution forums including negotiations, mediations, arbitration, appraisal, inspections and reporting services.

    Litigation Support

    We will help you map out your projects with technical and unbiased answers. If your local Tampa-St. Petersburg area company is facing pending litigation, or you require an engineering expert for upcoming cases, we can help you clarify the big picture with a scientific perspective. In order to guide the legal direction while keeping technical details in mind, we provide support for patents, infringement, contract disputes, large-scale industrial accidents and insurance disputes.

    Expert Witnessing

    Expert, competent, qualified and knowledgeable witness testimony is crucial to winning a case. With effective communication, m2e’s expert witnesses display credibility and composure in depositions and on the witness stand. Construction and engineering claims are complex, and a comprehensive litigation strategy is necessary to get the results you desire.

    Inspection and Reporting

    Parties involved in construction disputes and litigation in Tampa-St. Petersburg’s surrounding area often want to inspect and even re-inspect a building multiple times throughout the case. m2e will perform a thorough inspection to determine if work was performed properly or that any claimed defects are not as severe as claimed. Expert reports will be compiled to avoid new allegations or changes in evidence later in the case.

    Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

    m2e will participate in negotiations impartially by guiding and consulting the parties involved. Mediation allows a discussion of resolution and settlement before a case needs to go in front of a jury. Thorough preparations and presentations will position the strength of your dispute to educate and provide support on the viability of moving forward with arbitration or litigation.

    Architectural Services

    A great architectural result is more than just a building; it’s the creation of a deliberate, high-performance venue that has a positive, longstanding impression on your people, work and community. We will help bring form and function together with civil design in mind. Fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and structural are a few facets to m2e’s architectural services offered to Tampa-St. Petersburg clients. In order to enable productivity and achieve balance between intricate technical requirements, a captivating, individual-centered design is done by commissioning, construction administration and litigation support.

    Design and Engineering

    We start each project with a detailed analysis and design plan in order to identify any risk prevention procedures, perimeter protection and potential site security. Every facet of the project is mapped out and peer-reviewed to best plan out the construction engineering project, from mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural design.

    Structural Design

    If you are an architect or builder facing technical issues or have a building that requires improved efficiency, m2e’s consulting engineers can assist with all aspects of the framework, such as design evaluation, construction specifics and future structural assistance.

    Electrical Design

    Any building’s electrical design’s primary goal is to provide a safe, energy-efficient system that meets client needs while being in compliance with electrical code.

    Mechanical Design

    Mechanical engineering consulting requires highly technical mathematics, materials and engineering-mechanics sciences are used as a means to design any components and systems for machines, products, structures, devices and instruments.

    Plumbing Design

    Any major plumbing work should be mapped out in detail beforehand to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Local plumbing codes sometimes require a permit with the building department which m2e’s engineering consulting firm map can be especially helpful for.

    Fire Protection Design

    Fire exits, emergency escape routes, fire extinguishers and emergency escape routes ensure that buildings and occupants are properly protected.

    Civil Design

    A more innovative, theoretical, numerical and experimental method is typically dealt with in civil engineering design. m2e’s engineering consulting firm is always keeping up with the latest advancements and methods for current and new building materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, glass, timber, masonry etc.

    Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

    Systems with glazing close to the safing area are thoroughly studied and tested with windows or vision glass to ensure safe and specified forming for safing insulation.

    Construction Administration

    During the construction phase of a project, close supervision is provided to coordinate with all owners and consultants. We want to ensure that construction techniques, materials, equipment and personnel are monitored in accordance with compliance and contract documents.

    Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

    m2e always ensures the highest level of care when conducting investigations and forensic architectural data to assist in mediation, depositions and court proceedings. On the rare occurrence when disputes make it to trial, we will ensure our investigations and meticulous development of expert evidence result in favorable resolutions.

    Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

    Commissioning is a great way to ensure that the new building operates as the owner initially intended. m2e also prepares building staff to operate and maintain systems and equipment.

    Independent Building Expert Services

    m2e is committed to achieving the best results for your project. Our unique depth of experience across many independent building services in the engineering sector gives us substantial resources to carry out our duties.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly service the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, including Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Riverview, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

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