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What is MEP Engineering?

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What is MEP Engineering?

What is MEP Engineering?

MEP Engineering is short for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. Typically, these three pillars of the project are designed together because of the way they affect one another. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering should be considered when it comes to cost estimation, construction, and building maintenance.

The outcome of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering is what makes a building comfortable. Some of the results you’ll see are cooling systems, lighting systems, and, of course, water and drainage systems.

m2e is a firm that takes care of all three pieces to the project. We specialize in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering during construction. We also make sure that the development process is running smoothly. It is important to have our skilled team of engineers overlooking the project so everything goes according to plan, and necessary changes can be made when necessary. We build our relationships quality service and that includes MEP Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with space heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Your HVAC system controls the temperature in your building, whether that might be residential or commercial. Mechanical engineers also create the system that controls the humidity in the air for a healthy environment, as well as keeping the air clean and getting rid of pollutants.

A lot that goes into mechanical engineering is finding the best way for air distribution. This could be air ducts, steam piping, or refrigerant lines. It is important for HVAC systems to be designed with electrical and plumbing systems. The efficiency of a heating and cooling system uses electricity to turn on or off, and consumes water to determine the temperature.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the powerhouse behind charging our devices, turning on the lights, and running anything that needs to be plugged into the wall. Electrical engineering can also be used for information technology, meaning television, security systems, and computers. Electrical engineering keeps you safe when it comes to properly working fire alarm systems. Fire alarm systems also directly correlate to plumbing as far as sprinklers turning on.

Electrical engineers do their best to find the safest way to route electrical wiring for each project. This leg of the construction process can be pricey depending on the project because electricity usually takes up the most energy. This is also why LED lighting is recommended for most buildings.

Plumbing Engineer

Sinks, toilets, and showers, plumbing is in integral part to support the way we live. We need clean water and a proper draining system. Plumbing also is what fuels an HVAC system to actually work. Water is what is distributed throughout the HVAC to heat and cool in order for temperature control. Other reasons plumbing can be used is for sewage, irrigation, and hydroponics. It is important to make sure the plumbing is up to the building’s code requirements.

What is the Role of a MEP Engineer?

The role of an MEP engineer is to make the best design decisions. They are responsible for creating a layout that effectively connects mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in a safe way. The right design will also combat problems before they even arise.

One of the main responsibilities of an MEP Engineer is to find the best way to cut costs, optimize the “shelf-life” for each system, and maximize their performance. It is important to hit all three concepts because it ensures the customer is getting the most value out of their purchase.

MEP Engineers make sure everything is up to building standard. They don’t just plan and design the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, but they also develop policies and do inspection procedures to make sure everything is safe.

How m2e Supports Your MEP Needs During Construction and Development

m2e is an engineering consulting firm that has a highly qualified staff to support MEP needs during construction and development. We are problem solvers with proven results and we work to make sure your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are planned, designed, inspected, and developed properly for the best use. We pay attention to the details, so that you can be comfortable with the end result. Paying attention to detail is something we take pride in, especially when it comes to more complex projects.

Our consultants and engineers strive to make sure that you won’t break a sweat during the process and we implement the best cooling systems in place that intricately connect mechanical and electrically, as well as plumbing. Contact us, as we are industry experts leading the way with stress-free solutions.

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