m2e Featured in Miami’s Community News as Donor for Coral Gables Art Cinema Expansion

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m2e Featured in Miami's Community News as Donor for Coral Gables Art Cinema Expansion

Coral Gables Art Cinema Plans Expansion, Begins Fundraising

Miami’s Community News ran a story regarding The Coral Gables Art Cinema teaming up with m2e Consulting Engineers to undergo “plans to expand the cinema to include a second auditorium with an additional 92 seats, luxurious lobby, display window and extra office space.”

The planned new screen will be special according to the cinema’s founder, Steven Krams, who graduated from the University of Miami with a concentration in radio and television production.

“The screen is going to be set up so that the perspective of the image fills the entire vision space, which means that even though you might be in a small auditorium, you’re going to feel like you’re in a big, big theater,” Krams described in a fundraising campaign video. According to Brenda Moe, Coral Gables Art Cinema’s executive director, there is a specific timeline for the expansion.

“Buildout will begin in September 2021 with a completion date of spring 2022,” she said. Moe stated that the architects in charge of the project were Ferguson, Glasgow, Schuster, and Soto Inc.; the engineering firm was m2e Consulting Engineers, and the design and installation firm was Magna-Tech Electronic Co. These also are some of the project’s major donors.

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