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What is a Forensic Engineer and When Will You Need One?

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What is a Forensic Engineer and When Will You Need One?

Forensic engineers are highly trained professionals who use their expertise to determine why a material, component or structure didn’t perform as intended. They analyze and investigate areas or structures that have suffered or failed resulting in property losses, injury or a civil or criminal case.

What is Forensic Engineering?

Forensic engineering is the investigation of failures or other performance problems with the application of engineering principles. These failures may not necessarily be catastrophic, such as a building or bridge collapse, but rather include parts and facilities that do not perform as intended by the owner, design professional or constructor. When required, forensic engineering may also involve testimony on these investigative findings before a court of law or other judicial form.

When You Might Use a Forensic Engineer Consultant

For some reason, your structures, components, products or materials did not function as they should have and caused human injury or property damage. This failure may have even led to economic loss. The process of retracing the procedures that led to the defect, failure, accident or catastrophe by forensic engineers is known as reverse engineering.

Forensic engineering is all about finding why something went wrong and, in some cases, suggesting ways to prevent it from happening again. There are many different types of forensic engineers, from biomechanical to geotechnical. At m2e, we have engineers and experts that offer expertise to legal and insurance professionals surrounding:

Forensic Engineer Areas of Expertise Structural Forensics

  • Geotechnical

Geotechnical forensics is the investigation of soil conditions and the related contribution to claimed damages. m2e’s experienced civil engineers have wide range of experience in the geotechnical and structural engineering realm. Soil failure can come from a variety of factors, likely tied to a resulting structural failure.

Investigation of soils claims will likely include some form of soil testing to assess these failures and take the necessary steps to determine the underlying cause. Some other things to consider may be the history of the site, the sites subsurface mobility or proneness to sinkholes and the bearing capacity of the soil.

  • Construction Cost Estimating

m2e’s dedicated team of development engineering experts are here to assist clients with claims involving cost estimation for scope development which includes damage evaluation or bid comparisons. We will find a construction resolution for scope, costs, repair vs replace and assist with contractor or warranty negotiations and appraisal services.

  • Litigation Support

The right technical expert can make all the difference in your case. m2e’s experts know technical details well and understand the big picture. We have worked on a wide array of cases including product liability, personal injury, construction defects, fire investigations, workplace safety and subrogation.

  • Forensic Architectural Investigations

Our multi-disciplinary specialists can answer any questions regarding building material, structural design, concrete corrosion, ground surveys and much more. We will come in after incidents, accidents and storms to evaluate any damages and come up with a plan for next steps. 16

Why Choose m2e For Your Forensic Engineering Services

  • Expertise in Engineering Consulting

From our battle-tested process to our reliable client care, m2e has never compromised on quality, value and integrity. We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve results that are beyond perfection.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

m2e’s leadership, forensic engineers and experts have a structured scientific approach to investigate incidents and failures to critical electrical systems, equipment and components. We will provide mitigation options in a timely manner so recovery can occur quickly and cost-effectively.

Our team of engineers are constantly keeping up to date on daily advances on technology and increasing types of data retrieval. This ever-changing technology contributes heavily to why law enforcement and legal professionals look to digital forensics as a viable means for obtaining important evidence related to criminal and legal investigations.

  • Proactive Support

From the rarest, to the most unique of needs, whether it be complex, terrifying major catastrophes or the smallest of inconveniences, our team of experts and specialists are waiting to help and support you. Our complete forensic engineering solutions cover a wide variety of technical and unique specialties. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you.

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