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Consulting Engineering Attorney Services

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Attorney Services

m2e Combines Expert Engineering Consulting with Attorney Services

m2e has not only an expert engineering consulting team that applies their knowledgeable skills to each project, but we also provide engineering consulting attorney services on staff. There are many attorneys and law firms specializing in construction law and litigation, but m2e provides a one-stop-shop for both preventing litigation as well as support for litigation. Our consulting services map out preventative and safe measures for successful engineering and construction projects. Our attorney services help in case you need legal assistance during or after the project taking place. 

We are here to help you in the unfortunate chance something does happen! We provide a full-service legal action team for engineering and construction, because we set a professional standard from before the project begins to even after it ends. Our clients come first, and we are trained to provide the support they need.

Engineering and Construction Attorney Services

Construction Litigation Support

m2e gives guidance and support to our clients if their engineering or construction project needs legal assistance. The types of cases we see can be litigated in state and federal court. Between architects, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, and developers, there are so many moving parts to construction and engineering that sometimes breach of contract, negligence, and payment claims (and much more) can happen. Typically, cases will see monetary damages for economic loss. Whatever the result might be, we help any and all cases that our clients might face to make sure they get the best possible outcome.

Expert Witnessing Services (All Engineering Disciplines)

Based on information that might come up in a litigation, a witness could be asked for their expert opinion. Our highly trained team of consulting engineers can be expert witnesses, in all engineering disciplines, to your case. These disciplines include: chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical, electrical, etc. Our highly educated expert witnesses will provide their independent and unbiased expert opinion on the case. We can help testify based on our knowledge, education, and experience.

Inspection and Reporting Services

We provide inspections and reports on engineering and construction projects. Our expert team will go to the construction site and make sure everything was properly put in place, the location is safe, and all of the engineering is in good condition. We help our clients with these reports based on our skilled testing we do for the inspection services. This way, clients and companies can count on our services to make sure that it is accurate and proven correctly.

Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

Our skilled team of attorneys can help you with mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We help present your case whether it be between a mediator, agreed upon before it heads to court, or if it happens to end up in the courthouse. We prepare you for each possible case scenario and guide you through everything you need to know, so that you are ready to fight your case and resolve the issue depending on where your case lies. 

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