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Arbitration is not always the better option.

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We wanted to pass along this very informative article written by none other than one of our most esteemed clients, construction attorney and litigator extraordinaire,  Stuart Sobel of Siegfried Rivera Lerner De la Torre & Sobel, P.A..  Sobel talks about the downside of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as Arbitration in comparison to good old Litigation.  Alternative dispute resolution can often become a very long, drawn out expensive process, thus possibly tarnishing the relationship with that client and putting a heavy burden on your time and bank account. “Results become more erratic, slower and less predictable”
m2e’s core reputation is based on its exposure and experience of the construction litigation process. By providing named witnesses in numerous mediation, arbitration and litigation processes in cases ranging from construction defects to time delay analysis, we have developed an intrinsic sensibility and respect for the process itself. Our no-nonsense approach has earned us praise for objectiveness and capability to grasp critical issues, and repeat business from the most respectable law firms. This has made a particularly qualified in helping our clients identify their chances in a litigation process, and servicing their needs as they engage in it.
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