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A glimpse into those who define our cityscapes

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Armando Codina, Executive chairman/CEO, Codina Partners
Stuart A. Miller CEO, Lennar Corp
Jorge M. Perez Founder, chairman and CEO, The Related Group
Terry Stiles Chairman and CEO, Stiles
Gil Dezer, President, Dezer Development
W. Allen Morris, Chairman, President & CEO, The Allen Morris Co.
Bob L. Moss Founder, Chairman and CEO, Moss & Associates/Moss
Nitin Motwani Managing partner, Miami Worldcenter Associates
P. Michael Reininger Executive director, Florida East Coast Industries
Vincent Signorello President and CEO, Florida East Coast Industries
Tom P. Murphy Jr. Chairman/CEO, Coastal Construction Group
Alan Faena Founder and president, Faena Group
Warrwn Weiser, Co-founder and chairman, CREC
Art Falcone, CEO, Encore Capital Management
Arnaud Karsenti, Managing principal, 13th Floor Investments
Diego Lowenstein, CEO, Lionstone Development
Kevin Maloney, Founder and principal, Property Markets Group
David Martin, President, Terra
The South Florida Business Journal has unlocked its 2017 list of the top architects, developers, real estate professionals and property owners in our region.
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