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What is Construction Quality Assurance and Why All Projects Need It

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What is Construction Quality Assurance and Why All Projects Need It

Quality Assurance is the foundation of making sure a construction project runs smoothly. It is the planning process to create a guide and review inspections. This will assure that the client gets the maximum value from the construction service and on time.

What is Construction Quality Assurance?

Construction projects are complex and have various moving parts. From beginning to end, engineers need to plan for the right materials, getting each aspect of the project done on time, and inspecting the area. All of these items should be covered before the project even begins. Quality Assurance sets the standard for what people are expected to see for the process of the project to get the best results.

Quality Assurance makes sure that all of your questions are answered from who’s involved to area oversight.

m2e makes sure that our clients receive the best quality assurance in the nation, may it be a residential, commercial, or hospitality institutional project. We make sure materials are tested before use, the correct forms are submitted and completed before the work begins, and the area is up to standards to build infrastructure. Our trusted team makes engineering consulting easy and transparent.

What Are Some Examples of Quality Assurance on a Construction Project?

Some examples of quality assurance on the construction project include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis charts
  • Control charts
  • Benchmarking
  • Design of experiments
  • Cost of quality
  • Project audits

Quality Assurance is to assure that there will be no re-working of the project. This is the plan that makes sure everything goes as planned. It is taking corrective action and improving what’s already in place. It is problem-solving before problems even arise.

For example, if you were to look at a new site to build on, there must be an audit of the location, proper tracking documentation before anything is done, checking the costs and laying down the financial foundation, ironing out the kinks and issues before the work begins, experimenting with the materials before use on the project.

Are there Different Quality Assurance Methodologies?

There are various approaches to making sure the client is satisfied with their quality assurance report. Some of these methodologies include different ways to do testing, such as system testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, black-box testing, and material testing.

There are also different ways to analyze the best process for the highest quality outcome. Quality standards in construction can include what m2e offers in our terms of service. These include:

  • Plan Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Field Inspections
  • PT Inspections
  • Closeout process

Our experienced engineering consultants take a look at all the little details in the project that make up the full scope of what will be done.

What is the Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Think of quality assurance as to the plan and quality control as to project management. Another way to look at it is quality assurance answers the “how” questions and quality control answers the “what.” An agency might plan how they will test materials for the best assurance in quality use for the project. That same agency will have to control the quality of testing the performance.

Quality assurance is managing the rehearsal process, while quality control is managing the execution in performance.

Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Plan or Template?

Each project is different and serves its own complexities, so there really is not one concrete way to assure the best policies and standards for a project.

There are items to look out for, such as answering: who will be conducting the project? When will each piece of the project be done? Are all of the inspections complete? Is the correct documentation not only submitted but also approved? What materials are going to be used? How much do these materials cost? Will everything be safely and properly applied to avoid defective or malfunctioning parts to a whole?

These questions might vary depending on whether you have a residential, commercial, or hospitality infrastructure project because not only is the construction different, but there are also different codes put in place for differently zoned construction projects.

The m2e Quality Assurance Process 

Even though there is not a one-size-fits-all plan or template for quality assurance, m2e has a set policy in place to make sure the entire stretch of the construction process gets covered.

Plan Review

Plan reviews make sure everything is up to building code. Plan reviews go over building and design plans along with submittal and approval of permits before the project begins. Here, we review the developmental process, but it doesn’t stop there. Our knowledgeable team also goes over post-plan modifications and improvements to problem-solve issues before they even arise.

Value Engineering

Value engineering in construction is the literal definition of value in regards to engineering, meaning in this process we see the function-to-cost ratio. In this process, we are optimizing quality and making sure you’re getting the most out of a long-term investment. We also make sure it is the most correct and accurate strategy that these companies could be using.

This process involves material selection and equipment selection along with systems, facilities, and other services used in the project.

Our goal is to help you get the most effective and functional outcome for the most affordable and acceptable cost.

Field Inspections

Field inspections are highly important because it is observing the land in which the construction and construction site will take place. The field inspection process is examining the property and analyzing it for its value, work conditions, and compliance with safety standards.

PT Inspections

PT inspections test and identify defects in manufactured items before they go into service and cause any further damage. For example, it detects critical components for cracks in equipment like crane hooks.


m2e makes sure that the planning goes smoothly, as well as the post planning. After the construction is done and turned over to the owner we make sure that it reaches the standards we provided in our quality assurance planning. The closeout system is one of the most vital parts of the project because it assesses the project’s success, oversees best practices for the future, and goes over any open and immediate issues that might have followed. m2e consults that the owner received the best performance in accordance with the baseline standards that were set forth the project began. With these practices in mind, we make sure that the owner is fully satisfied with not only the process but also the project.

m2e is a results-driven firm that wants to make the process easy for our clients. We strive for accomplishing successful projects in the most transparent way possible.

Contact our firm today for quality assurance, or give us a call at 561-232-2101, and we can make sure your project sets the standard for a long-term investment.

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