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m2e meets the Serbian Government

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Misha Mladenovic and Dr. Dejan Tepavac, partners in m2e, traveled this October to Serbia for a roundtable conference organized by the Serbian Government. During the one day interactive meeting, which included the President and Prime Minister, attending companies were made aware of the current conditions facing the country’s economy and plans for the future. m2e used the opportunity to showcase its web-based iPhone Application to different institutional and non-institutional entities. As a result, one of the major contracting companies in the country bought the Remote Site Control application.

m2e’s president, Misha Mladenovic has been invited to be a featured speaker at the next roundtable in March, addressing real estate development challenges in the South East European market. In anticipation of this event, a meeting with the Vice-President and Minster of Development has been scheduled.

Author: m2e Team