m2e Considered Best Engineering Firm in Florida - Here's Why

m2e Considered Best Engineering Firm in Florida

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Best Engineering Firm In Florida

m2e is an engineering consulting firm that serves Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa. Our engineering firm does the best it can to serve South Florida through our commercial, residential, and developer services. We also offer attorney services and condominium services. A skilled team of engineers help plan design and inspect the project before, during, and after construction ensures building maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Why is m2e Considered the Best Engineering Firm in Florida?

m2e has been recognized in the state of Florida for various awards annually, and we pride ourselves on a hard-working staff. We’ve been honored in the Daily Business Reviews ‘Best of’ Hall of fame awards three times in 2020. South Florida Business journal honored our engineering firm as one of the Top 25 Engineering Firms in South Florida. We were recognized in Inc. Magazine as Inc. 250 Most Successful Companies in Florida, as well as GROWFL Companies To Watch… and that’s just to name a few.

Beyond the awards and recognitions, we are an engineering firm that works together to provide the best results. m2e is considered the best engineering firm in Florida because we pay attention to the little details. The awards and recognitions are simply results of the work we’ve done, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of our clients.

We know that various problems can arise, so we are sure to provide solutions. Our proven success shows in various areas of our work, and it’s displayed in the quality amount of service we provide our clients with. We don’t just do the work, we also educate and provide guidance that is cost and time effective.

What Do Consulting Engineering Firms Do?

Consulting engineering firms simply execute. We partner with companies who are involved in the construction project to make sure we are planning, designing, and developing the project as clean as possible.

Hiring our team is win-win for the client and the companies that are working on the infrastructure because we make sure everything is correct on the construction companies end and we are also there to meet their needs when changes arise. For the customer, they can ensure safe and timely practices designed correctly and built professionally.

We consult with other companies, so you don’t have to. We are skilled in inspection, engineering, design and construction, so we know when mistakes are being made and when to pivot in the right direction. We also are skilled in attorney services in case a problem is to arise that is brought to mediation or litigation in court. We help educate and guide the customer in the right direction. Our experts bridge between the customer and the construction services, and we make the process as simple as can be for both teams.

m2e Engineering Consulting Capabilities

Through condominium, attorney, developer, and institutional services, m2e is capable of inspections, quality assurance, design, and litigation support. We offer owner representation and project management, and much more. We are the leading engineering firm in Florida because we have so much to offer with contract assistance, finance assistance, and project completion estimation.

Our main goal is to make sure we are cutting your costs, cutting your time in half, and maximizing the value of your project so you have no headache or stress, just full trust in your new investment.

Engineering Consulting Clientele

m2e is a versatile engineering firm, and we have a wide range of clients that come through our doors. We consult for gorgeous homes and beautiful development properties. We’ve consulted projects such as Trump Palace in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and SLS Brickell in Miami, Florida. Our developer and real estate clientele have powerful and elaborate infrastructure ready to feel right at home.

Fontainebleau III, The Biltmore Palm Beach, and The Mondrian South Beach are a few of our hospitality clientele that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’ve also consulted with The Ritz Carlton’s of Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, and Sarasota.

Our law firm clients also have had the opportunity to work through mediations and litigations with our attorney services. Some of our law clientele base includes Akerman, LLP and Katz Barron.

We’ve consulted with architecture, construction, and commercial & retail clients, as well as general contractors. Our mission is to nurture all of our client relationships and that includes some of the biggest transportation systems in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale-International Airport and PortMiami.

Our Engineering Consulting Projects

Our expertise stretches to impressive landmarks around Florida. You might have seen a few including The Porsche Design Tower, Tiffany House, and Miami WorldCenter.

One project we’ve had the honor of contributing to is Giralda Place. This property is a mixed-use development featuring condominium residences, offices, and retail space that is located right in the heart of Coral Gables. We were able to propose financial possibilities and alternatives, along with overseeing the design process. m2e was also able to overhaul the MEP portion of the project. We were able to make the process go according to plan and even at a rapid pace of just over 2 years.

We were able to consult with partnering companies to create a prominent part of Miami’s skyline the SLS Lux. For this monumental building, we were able to perform PT, quality control inspections, and forensic engineering services. Upon completion of the project, it was sold out and instantly became a Miami landmark.

m2e wears the name of Best Engineering Firm in Florida proudly. Our leadership, work ethic, and results based projects are a testament to our mission and values in paying attention to the details. We lead the way with respect and attentive skill of our team. We are grateful to be recognized as a top engineering firm in Florida. The m2e team is happy to be a part of such spectacular projects that make Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa the dominant cities they are today.

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