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Airbnb Violating Rental Regulations

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Airbnb is causing problems for condo and property associations as of late because of their disregard for rental rules and regulations. Short-term rentals through sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway bring strangers into the building and raise concern over security of the property. While these rentals add more profit to owners, condo associations are bothered by the lack of screening of guests and the disregard for minimum rental durations, which often times tend to be one year. Roberto Blanch of Siegfried Rivera et al. Lawyers is fighting against the use of Airbnb in these types of rentals due to the insecurity of visitors and possible damage that can be done to a property. This is going to be a tough fight seeing as how Airbnb has grown in the past 5 years to over 17 million guests just this summer and more listings in Florida than any other state.

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