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m2e and the FBC

m2e was privileged to attend the Florida Building Commission (FBC) meeting on August 10 and 11, 2009 in Melbourne, Florida to speak in front of the Window/Wall workgroup. This was the second meeting of the Window/Wall Workgroup which is scheduled to meet regularly at the FBC to discuss window/wall initiatives and to identify and evaluate code amendment options regarding windows and the window wall interface. The workgroup was initiated following the insufficient water penetration resistance of the window/wall interface observed during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons. Participation is a key factor at the meetings as they serve as the only opportunity in which companies, such as m2e, may provide guidance or influence decisions made regarding the Florida Building Code.

During the meeting m2e was allotted a time slot to introduce its newest employee, Cory T. Salzano, a building envelope specialist from the University of Florida. Cory gave a presentation on noted deficiencies in the window/wall interface and the cutting-edge research that is being conducted to remediate them.

By attending these meetings m2e seeks to remain current on any proposed changes to the Florida Building Code and to serve as a liaison between its clients and the FBC. After all, m2e’s success may only be measured by the satisfaction of its clients.

Cory T. Salzano, E.I.

Junior Engineer

m2e Consulting Engineers

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