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Professional engineers for inspections, planning, permitting, and more.

  • Certified Civil, Structural & MEP Engineers
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  • Pre-Construction, Construction & Close-Out
  • Owner Representation & Project Management
  • Turnover, 40/50 Years Certification & Litigation Support
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    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services in the expanding Pembroke Pines area.

    Why m2e?

    Excellence. Engineered.

    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money.

    Headquartered in Miami, and providing engineering services within the growing Pembroke Pines area, m2e is one of the most trusted full-service engineering firms in the country—offering a diversity of technical knowledge and creative problem-solving to deliver exceptional consulting engineering services. At m2e, our professional engineers collectively encompass all major engineering disciplines and have broad experience in a wide range of markets—including residential, commercial, and institutional.

    Regardless of industry, all our clients are typically looking for advice and consultation that will ultimately save them money and resources down the road. That is where we come in.

    m2e helps clients identify and eradicate liability and compliance issues to avoid code violations, penalties, and fees. Our team is adept at preventing potential problems whenever possible and presenting innovative solutions whenever unforeseen challenges arise.

    How do we accomplish this? We continue to cultivate our professional and personal relationships with both clients and colleagues while ensuring that we meet the highest professional standards possible.

    What makes us different?

    At m2e, our passion and expertise in engineering is what sets us apart from the rest. Our ultimate goal is to see our clients succeed.

    Having a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers to come up with innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients is what puts us ahead of the competition. We first take the time and effort to understand the individual needs of our clients and then create a customized approach to ensure they can execute their projects within a set budget to complete the projects on deadline.

    Our clients know that we have a team they can trust and depend upon.

    How can we help?

    In many industries, compliance regulations and liability issues play a big role in ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. Because there are so many different regulations and laws to abide by depending on where your project is located and what it entails, professionals often take advantage of engineering consulting companies to assist.

    At m2e Consulting Engineers, we work with professionals in a range of industries with project management to save them costs and time during the course of their projects. Our ideal Pembroke Pines area clients include architects, developers, property managers, property owners, lawyers, designers, and developers, among many others.

    When project managers and business owners are focused on completing the tasks necessary to move forward within a specific project, they may not have the time or resources to dedicate to reviewing aspects such as compliance regulations.

    m2e Consulting Engineers continues to thoroughly review all aspects of your project to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. We want to make sure you avoid any code violations, penalties, or fees that may delay your project or add to your expenses.

    We have one of the most professional and experienced teams that are comprised of diverse skills, immense knowledge, and unparalleled creativity. Because of this, we have a wide array of services we can offer our clients depending on their respective requirements, including:

    • Developer services
    • Design services
    • Specialty Engineering services
    • Green services
    • Technology services
    • Structure and MEP Inspection services
    • Contractor services
    • Condominium services

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    Whether you are a Pembroke Pines Property Manager, Condo Association, Construction Company, Developer or Owner Investor—we are ready 24/7 to make your life easier through impactful quality control of your projects and properties.

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    m2e is trusted by 500+ building owners, architects, developers, property managers, law firms, and general contractors in Miami.