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    Searching for expert-level engineering services in the Orlando area?

    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services throughout the state of Florida.

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    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money on your next Orlando-area project.

    m2e is a full-service engineering consulting firm whose expert staff serves the Orlando region to bring exciting buildings and projects to the people who live here. We are a trusted leader in the residential, commercial and hospitality markets and have satisfied clients across the nation. Rely on our expertise and on a wide range of projects and entrust us to handle multi-disciplinary challenges while developing innovative, creative solutions to complex design problems. m2e is a one-stop engineering consulting firm for developers and contractors, capable of handling design and shepherding a project all the way through the conclusion of construction.

    Orlando Area Developer Services

    m2e assists Orlando-based real estate professionals and land developers in the process of purchasing land, homes and other commercial real estate and then works closely with the developers to increase resale value through renovations and upgrades. It is our firm’s goal to help our clients find the most profitable properties, secure funds, obtain the necessary permits from local authorities and see the project all the way through renovations to sale or lease.

    Quality Assurance

    When m2e takes on a project, our reputation is right there on the line with our client’s. We take our role as a consultant seriously and always strive for excellence while following the strictest internal quality control and quality assurance procedures. m2e only accepts the highest level of quality in our own work and in the work of contractors hired to work on a building. We will identify and seek out nonconformance, develop plans to remedy a problem and will go so far as to implement our own new processes and protocols where we see fit. We will also offer regular site inspections in the Orlando area to make sure there are no delays and that work is being performed to a high standard of quality.

    Full-Service Engineering Consulting for Developers

    Let Us Help You Get It Done

    Litigation Support

    m2e realizes that real estate legal challenges can be very difficult for developers, owners and builders, but we are prepared to do our part to lessen the burden of going to court to defend your work. We draw on our experience in the construction field to help clients make their case with fact-based evidence. m2e goes above and beyond to help prepare cases with in-depth research and data collection. Our staff of engineers has experience testifying in court at arbitration hearings as well as property tax hearings, all the way up to the federal level.

    Project Management

    m2e’s Orlando engineering consultants are prepared to manage your project by serving as your representative in dealings with any architects, consultants, councils and builders. m2e is involved with our clients’ projects from the very initial stages of performing feasibility studies and submitting permits for approval to design, construction, completion and final closeout and handover. Along the way, we work closely with contractors to answer questions and keep the project moving according to schedule without blowing the budget.

    Property Condition Assessment

    Before buying or leasing a commercial property, clients need a property condition assessment to verify the current condition of the property. This is a formal process to help assess the value of the building and property and is typically required to complete the transaction. We provide a very thorough inspection and document important information on the property that may eventually be used for insurance claims or to assess potential repairs or renovations that will be needed before the property can be fully used for its intended purpose. Our inspection teams are assisted by FAA-licensed drone pilots to ensure that nothing is missed.

    Specialty Engineering

    m2e has the experience and capability to handle any specialty design or engineering service that our clients need to finish a complex project. Our team has expert-level qualifications in multiple engineering disciplines and will work tirelessly to work out a creative solution to even the most challenging design problems.

    Condominium Services in Orlando

    Condominium experts in our Orlando office can assist in all phases of engineering and construction. We are available to provide guidance in meditation, arbitration, preparation and presentation for potential engineering litigation. Our engineering consulting services are also available to offer assistance in the development of plans and calculations for new condo construction or remodeling projects. m2e’s licensed structural engineers have the expertise in the condominium sector to help lead a smooth project, including securing all required building and municipal permits.

    Turnover Services

    m2e offers pre-turnover and turnover reports to condominium boards and owners in the Orlando area. We perform a thorough inspection of all architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical components of the building to assure our clients that work has been performed in a quality manner and in accordance with all codes and specifications. We look forward to continuing to provide these services to our condominium clients and help them through a smooth turnover.

    Specialty Engineering for Orlando-Area Condos

    m2e is prepared to serve our Orlando area clients with special inspection services, construction assistance and building envelope consulting. The building envelope is one of the most important parts of the design, as it works to keep the elements out and maintain a comfortable environment inside with a tight seal or insulation. Our engineers are skilled in developing plans for the maintenance and protection of your building’s envelope.


    Attorney Services

    The engineering team at m2e Orlando is ready to assist plaintiff and defense attorneys with expert testimony in construction-related court cases large and small. Our multi-disciplinary engineering staff can provide testimony for a wide variety of construction issues that may arise and need to be litigated. We keep our team current by constantly seeking out technical education, including dispute resolution forums including negotiations, mediations, arbitration, appraisal, inspections and reporting services.

    Litigation Support

    It’s difficult enough being in the engineering and construction industry but dealing with lawsuits and litigation is a beast unto itself. Trust m2e to serve as a technical expert and provide support when dealing with construction or engineering court cases. Our staff is ready and able to offer scientific expertise and technical details to support your case. m2e has assisted clients in patent disputes, contract resolution, insurance disputes and has helped clients deal with the fallout from large-scale industrial accidents.

    Expert Witnessing

    An expert witness in their field could make or break a case when it comes to a construction or engineering dispute. Count on m2e’s experienced, qualified, expert engineering witnesses to help you build a credible case and deliver on the witness stand. You cannot win a construction or engineering claim without the support of a trusted expert, and m2e will provide that, as well as assist in developing a tight legal strategy to help win your case.

    Inspection and Reporting

    When engaged in a court battle over real estate or construction, you will likely require multiple inspections to make sure you aren’t missing any important details that could help you win your case. m2e is up to the task when an inspection is required in the Orlando area to supplement legal testimony. Our engineers perform detailed inspections to verify whether or not work was completed correctly according to the contract and also check defects to make sure they match reported claims. Upon completion of our inspection, m2e prepares a full written report of our findings that can then be used as evidence in court.

    Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

    m2e also works with clients in negotiating throughout the mediation and arbitration process to reach a fair and acceptable ruling. We serve as an impartial consultant and guide both parties throughout the process so they have a clear picture of the strength of their case and how they may fare if they elect to move beyond the initial dispute to full arbitration or even litigation before a judge and jury.

    Architectural Services

    Architecture is truly an art form, combining elements of design and engineering to create a visually appealing building that is elegant and serves a purpose. m2e works closely with architects to flesh out their vision and bring it to life with plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems and a structural frame capable of supporting loads and withstanding the forces of nature. We work closely with our Orlando architects to provide the technical expertise necessary to support their creativity and artistic flair and add value to our community.


    Design and Engineering

    At the start of every project, our team will sit down with all involved parties to develop a detailed plan of attack. We will work closely with you to protect your site’s perimeter and implement a security detail if required. Our team of engineers and consultants will help you plan out every task in your construction project to ensure a smooth build across all phases of the project.


    Structural Design

    m2e’s structural engineers are experts in building design. They work closely with architects and contractors to analyze structural capacity and size members and connections, answer construction questions, perform inspections and develop repair and maintenance details for existing buildings.

    Electrical Design

    When designing a building’s electrical system, the end goal is to create a safe, sustainable system that is in compliance with all electrical codes and has enough capacity to meet client demands.

    Mechanical Design

    Mechanical systems are responsible for maintaining a comfortable, healthy environment inside buildings. m2e’s mechanical engineering professionals are the right choice for designing the heating, cooling, ventilation and ductwork that will make your building livable.

    Plumbing Design

    A building’s plumbing system is key to ensuring that a fresh supply of water is readily available at all times and that wastewater can be properly carried away from the building. m2e offers full plumbing design services and will help our clients stay in compliance with all local plumbing codes.

    Fire Protection Design

    Fire safety must be considered when completing building design. m2e’s MEP professionals can be trusted to ensure that a building is properly outfitted with fire exits, emergency escape routes and signage and fire extinguishers to guarantee that you are in line with all fire safety codes.

    Civil Design

    In addition to handling structural and MEP design tasks, m2e is also capable of assisting clients with civil design. We work closely with our clients to design their site to handle traffic, discharge stormwater and appear visually appealing thanks to creative landscaping. Our civil engineers make sure your building looks at home in its place in the world.

    Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

    m2e is experienced in analyzing and testing fireproofing systems with glazing near the safing area. Systems can be designed using windows or vision glass to reach a final assurance that the building will be safe and up to code.

    Construction Administration

    The job isn’t done when the final plans are initiated and contracts awarded. No – our staff will continue working with our clients to guide their projects through the construction phase. We supervise and coordinate with owners, consultants and contractors involved on the site. m2e will monitor construction progress, perform inspection and test materials and ensure full compliance with the contract documents.

    Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

    m2e takes our duties seriously when investigating and offering our expert opinion for mediation, depositions and court hearings. Because we put so much effort into developing a strong case for our clients, we have a winning track record when cases do reach trial without a settlement.

    Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

    m2e assists building owners with commissioning to guarantee that the new structure functions according to the design goals. Our staff will work closely with building personnel to develop a firm understanding of the systems and equipment.

    Independent Building Expert Services

    The engineer’s duties are not done when the final construction activities are complete and the keys are handed over to the owner. For complex buildings, entrust m2e to provide independent building expert services to help you achieve success with the long-term operation and maintenance of your property.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly service the Orlando area, including Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Riverview, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

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