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    Searching for expert-level engineering services in the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area?

    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services throughout the state of Florida.

    Why m2e?

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    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money on your next Cape Coral / Fort Myers construction or engineering project.

    m2e is a full-service engineering consulting firm whose expert staff serves the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area to bring exciting buildings and projects to help fuel economic growth and create an exciting place to live. Our firm has established ourselves as a trusted leader in the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets with satisfied clients all over the United States. You can count on our decades of experience on hundreds of complex projects and entrust us to tackle even the most challenging multi-disciplinary design problems with creative and innovative solutions. m2e is proud to serve as a one-stop shop for developers and contractors for projects that span dozens of industries.

    Cape Coral / Fort Myers Developer Services

    m2e is ready to lend our expertise to the Cape Coral and Fort Myers real estate and land development industries. We believe sustainable development is a huge driver of economic growth and strive to do our part to assist developers in bringing the area to life with new and exciting businesses and places to live. The area is still ripe for growth, and we help developers identify profitable properties and projects, secure building permits and obtain funding.

    Developer Quality Assurance

    We make our name in the engineering industry by providing a quality, accurate final product for each project we take on. m2e takes quality assurance seriously and has our own strict protocols in place to make sure nothing that falls below our own rigorous standards ever goes out the door. m2e sticks to our standards of quality at all times because we realize how important giving our clients an accurate design is to keep their projects on track and within budget. Our quality control processes are woven into every step of our design, and carry over into construction with regular site inspections in the area to confirm that the contractors are following our plans and completing the work in a manner that is aligned with our own standards of quality.

    Full-Service Engineering Consulting for Cape Coral / Fort Myers Developers

    Let Us Help You Get It Done

    Litigation Support for Developers

    Legal challenges are an unavoidable part of being in the real estate business for developers, owners and construction contractors. m2e understands that these legal cases can pose a challenge to even the best companies and offers our engineering expertise to limit the impact of being called into court over a dispute. We will research your case and build a defense that relies on data and facts. m2e will also testify on your behalf with our team of expert witnesses.

    Construction Development Project Management

    m2e’s Cape Coral and Fort Myers engineers offer project management services to developers and real estate professionals. We get involved in the earliest stages of design, assisting in the development of feasibility studies and proof of concept, acquiring permits for construction, selecting qualified contractors to complete construction and staying on board with you all the way through final turnover of the completed building. We will work closely to serve as the singular point of contact for everyone involved in the project and keep you up to speed on all of the biggest hurdles.

    Property Condition Assessment

    If you’re going to get involved in a costly real estate transaction, you need to make sure you’re getting what you paid for or won’t be on the hook for expensive repairs a month after closing. m2e’s structural engineers will work with you on a property condition assessment to help you proceed with your purchase with peace of mind. The assessment will give you a better idea of the full value of the building and property. Our report will include a detailed inspection of all structural components and mechanical systems and will document any defective areas that may require repair or renovation before you can begin using the property.

    Specialty Engineering

    The most complex engineering projects require a team that is able to work together in a cohesive unit across multiple disciplines. m2e brings that capability to provide creative design solutions for complex projects. We have experts in multiple disciplines who will work together to meet the most difficult challenges.

    Condominium Services for the Cape Coral / Fort Myers Area

    Condominium buildings are one of the more popular real estate projects near the Gulf of Mexico, and our engineering team at m2e in Cape Coral and Fort Myers has years of experience working on the design and construction of condo buildings. We work closely with clients to develop structural calculations and plans for their condominium buildings. Additionally, m2e is also able to offer support in any legal challenges or cases that may arise associated with your condominium building. Regardless of the issue you are facing with your condo building, m2e has the engineering staff to help you through it.

    Developer Turnover Services

    Condominium boards and building owners in Cape Coral and Fort Myers have come to rely on m2e to assist them in their pre-turnover and turnover reports. Our engineers will inspect the completed structure and produce a full report of our findings, summarizing all architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical components. We will help you root out any issues and confirm that all construction work has been performed in compliance with local codes and according to your plans.

    Specialty Engineering

    m2e is ready to help our Cape Coral and Fort Myers clients with specialized engineering services ranging from inspections to construction consultations. Our specialists are experienced in building envelope design and installation. This important component of your building serves to keep the rain, wind and everything Mother Nature can throw at it out while maintaining a comfortable environment inside. m2e’s engineers can help you work through your most challenging building envelope design problems.

    Cape Coral / Fort Myers Construction Litigation and Attorney Services

    m2e’s engineers will work with Cape Coral and Fort Myers attorneys, both on the plaintiff and defense side of the coin, to develop expert testimony for a wide variety of construction and real estate-related legal cases. With a diverse engineering staff that spans multiple disciplines, m2e is sure to have at least one expert in-house who can offer support and testimony to help build a compelling case for your client. Our team is continuously updating their legal training by taking part in technical education seminars and forums related to dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and appraisal. We are also capable of performing inspections to help support your case from an engineer’s perspective.

    Litigation Support

    Getting sucked into a lawsuit is a headache that no construction or engineering professional wants to deal with, but sometimes it’s an unavoidable cost of doing business. If you do find yourself involved in litigation surrounding your work, you can count on m2e to be in your corner as a technical expert providing support and guidance to help you come out on the winning end. We will help build a case backed by science and engineering expertise. m2e has worked with clients on cases involving patents, contracts, insurance and industrial accidents. Whatever the case may be, we will help you receive a favorable judgment.

    Expert Witnessing Services

    Having an expert witness in your corner could be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose a court case related to your construction work. m2e will provide qualified expert witnesses to back your case and testify in court. Without a trusted engineering witness, you will not stand a chance in court. With m2e on your side, you can enter the courtroom with confidence that your case is backed by engineers willing to stake their reputation to your defense.

    Inspection and Reporting

    Thorough engineering inspections and reports are a crucial component of any legal case. m2e’s inspectors will go over your case with a fine-toothed comb, looking for any key details that may have slipped through the cracks. Our detailed engineer’s inspection reports will evaluate if all work was completed correctly by the contractor and compare all noted defects against reported claims. When our inspection and report are complete, our findings can be introduced in court as supporting evidence.

    Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

    Most clients we work with who require our expertise for legal proceedings do not wish to go all the way to a full-blown court case. Our goal is often to come to a suitable agreement long before that final step. m2e will work with you in the mediation or arbitration process to avoid a drawn-out legal battle. Our team will be impartial and help both sides come to a decision that is mutually beneficial in the long run.

    Architectural Services Throughout the Cape Coral / Fort Myers Area

    An architect can draw almost any type of building on paper, but it’s up to the engineers to actually bring it to life in a practical manner. m2e’s engineers provide structural design as well as MEP design to bring the building off an architect’s rendering to the real world. We design all the working components of our architect’s building like HVAC, electrical and plumbing and make sure the structural frame of the building is strong enough to carry all of the applied loads and forces. Cape Coral and Fort Myers architects have come to rely on m2e for the required engineering expertise to support their creative visions for building design.

    Design and Engineering

    At the kick-off meeting for each new project, m2e’s engineers will sit down with your team to develop a comprehensive plan to tackle every phase of design. m2e will work with you to build a team of designers capable of working across multiple disciplines. The result is a design team that is ready to take on even the most challenging engineering problems.

    Structural Design

    Structural engineers at m2e work with architects and developers to analyze their building’s skeleton and make sure it is safe for inhabitants. They work closely with architects to bring their vision to life by determining structural capacity and choosing the right member sizes that can carry the intended loads. Our structural engineering team can also perform building inspections, prepare repair and maintenance details and work with builders once the job goes into construction.

    Electrical Design

    A building can’t come to life until the switch is flipped and electricity flows through it. You can count on m2e to design an electrical system for your building that can complies with all electrical codes, keeps the lights on day in and day out and has more than enough capacity to handle the most rigorous client demands.

    Mechanical Design

    A building’s mechanical system supplies clean, healthy, comfortable air and sets the environment. m2e’s mechanical engineers will work with you to design the HVAC system for your building and make it a comfortable place for people to live and work.

    Plumbing Design

    Our firm’s full-service plumbing design capabilities will ensure that your building has a constant supply of clean, drinkable water. m2e will also work with you to design a system that will efficiently carry wastewater and effluent out of the building and off for treatment. m2e knows a building cannot function without a water supply, and we take this part of our job seriously.

    Fire Protection Design

    Providing a safe harbor from fire is critical in designing a building that will be occupied by people. m2e will work with you to design a building with sufficient fire exits, emergency exit routes and signage and fire extinguishers. You must be in compliance with fire codes but also need to guarantee they will be safe in the event that a fire does break out.

    Civil Design

    m2e’s Cape Coral/Fort Myers civil engineers work closely with our structural and MEP teams to develop clients’ sites. Entrust our civil engineers to develop the site around your building into a visually appealing, functional site. m2e civil design services include stormwater design, traffic studies, site plans, grading plans and landscaping.

    Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

    m2e is a trusted partner for building owners when it comes to designing and testing fireproofing systems and glazing near the fire safing area. We will work with you to design a system that meets your needs using windows or vision glass, guaranteeing it will be as safe as possible for occupants.

    Construction Administration

    In addition to design, m2e works with our clients to see their projects all the way through to the end of construction. We serve as a point of contact for owners and developers for contractors and consultants working on site. Our staff will guide you through each stage of construction with services including monitoring, inspection and materials testing.

    Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

    m2e engineers will be happy to serve our clients when they head to court with litigation support. Our experts have supported clients by providing expert testimony for mediations, depositions and court hearings. Our team does the leg work to help build a strong case for our clients. We look forward to helping you win your case.

    Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

    A new structure can come with new and complicated systems and equipment. With this understanding, m2e will work with building owners and staff on commissioning to ensure that everyone involved has a strong understanding of how to smoothly operate everything ranging from lighting to HVAC.

    Independent Building Expert Services

    m2e’s engineers will continue to work with you even after construction is complete. We work with clients to manage the long-term maintenance and operation of complex buildings as independent building experts. We look forward to helping your project succeed far past the end of construction.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly services the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area, including Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Riverview, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel, and the entire state of Florida. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly service the Cape Coral/Fort Myers, including Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Riverview, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

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