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Forensic Engineering and Construction Litigation Support Services

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Forensic engineering plays a crucial role in construction litigation, serving as a bridge between the technical world of engineering and the legal aspects of dispute resolution. m2e’s primary function in engineering investigations for legal cases is to investigate, analyze, and determine the causes of failures or defects in construction projects.

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    Why Our Forensic Engineering Team is Essential for Legal Professionals

    Our professionals are often pivotal in resolving disputes that arise during or after construction. Here’s why our team is crucial for legal professionals.

    Investigation and Analysis

    Our team meticulously investigates construction defects or failures. This can involve site inspections, review of design documents, construction processes, and material testing and analyses. We look for evidence of poor workmanship, design flaws, substandard materials, or non-compliance with building codes. 

    Compliance and Standards Review

    We review whether the construction adhered to relevant building codes, industry standards, and best practices. Non-compliance is often a significant factor in construction disputes.

    Documentation and Reporting

    Our forensic engineers compile comprehensive reports detailing their investigative process, findings, and conclusions. These reports are critical legal documents in construction litigation cases. 

    Assessing Damage Extent

    We evaluate the extent of physical damage to a structure, which is crucial for understanding the impact of the defect or failure, both in terms of safety and financial implications.

    Recommending Solutions

    Beyond identifying problems, our forensic engineers often suggest remedial measures to rectify the identified defects, restore the structure’s integrity and ensure compliance with safety standards. 

    Identifying Potential Liability

    Through investigation, our forensic engineers can identify parties potentially liable for construction defects, including contractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers of building materials, or other stakeholders involved in the project.

    Assisting in Dispute Resolution

    We play a vital role in out-of-court settlements by providing authoritative reports that can lead to negotiations and agreements between disputing parties.

    Assessment of Financial Loss

    Forensic engineers might calculate the financial impact of a defect or failure, which is vital for determining compensation or penalties in litigation.

    Expert Testimony

    We frequently serve as expert witnesses in court. We present our findings clearly, concisely, and objectively, translating complex technical details into understandable language for judges and juries. Our testimony can heavily influence the outcome of legal proceedings.

    Risk Management

    By learning from past failures, M2E’s insights can help develop better risk management strategies for future projects.

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    For attorneys, m2e offers a blend of expertise and experience in forensic engineering services that is crucial for effectively addressing complex technical issues in construction litigation, resolving disputes, and ensuring fair outcomes in cases involving construction failures or defects. 

    Our proactive and comprehensive approach not only addresses issues after they arise but also contributes to establishing safer and more reliable construction practices for the future.

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