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    Searching for expert-level engineering services in Naples, Florida?

    m2e Consulting Engineers is an award-winning engineering firm providing quality engineering services throughout the state of Florida.

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    Fast, effective engineering services to save you time & money on your next Naples-area project.

    m2e’s staff of talented engineers and technicians provides a wide range of consulting services to clients in the Naples area. We work with developers to bring exciting new projects to life and inject economic growth into the community. At m2e, we have worked tirelessly to develop our reputation as a trusted partner for developers working in residential, commercial and industrial markets across the country. We will work with clients in any industry to meet their needs. With an expert team that spans across multiple engineering disciplines, m2e is ready to serve as a full-service consulting firm for the Naples area.

    Naples Area Developer Services

    m2e is a leading partner for Naples and Collier County area real estate professionals and land developers. Our firm partners with clients to drive economic growth and development in the city and surrounding areas with new businesses and homes. Our team works in tandem with land developers to find good locations for investment, secure building permits and find funding. Naples is still growing, and we are happy to do our part.

    Construction Quality Assurance Consulting

    m2e takes quality seriously because we know that in the engineering and construction world, your reputation is based entirely on your ability to consistently deliver strong results for your clients. Our team works diligently to ensure that we are doing our best work on every project, big or small. We have implemented strict quality control processes in-house and always strive to exceed our already high standards. Our clients can attest to the fact that our team always goes above and beyond to ensure that our final plans and calculations are accurate. Our commitment to quality assurance extends well past our design work, and we will follow up with site visits to confirm that the construction team is performing work that meets the same quality standards we hold ourselves to.

    Full-Service Engineering Consulting for Developers in the Naples Metro Area

    Let Us Help You Get It Done

    Construction Litigation Support

    If you are called into court to defend your work, or bring a case against a construction firm that failed to complete a job correctly, you’ll want an experienced engineering team in your corner to help build a strong case. m2e works on behalf of our clients by acting as an expert witness. You can count on us to put in the research to develop a strong case that is founded on scientific principles and decades of experience in engineering.

    Project Management

    m2e’s Naples staff is made up of experienced project managers who are well-versed in the ins and outs of big projects. Our team will be with you every step of the way managing the project efficiently and sticking to the schedule and budget. Our involvement as project managers begins with feasibility studies and continues all the way through final design to construction. We will stay with you until construction is completed and the building has been turned over for final inspection. Our team has navigated many difficult, challenging projects and looks forward to helping you.

    Property Condition Assessment

    Close on a real estate transaction with confidence by hiring m2e to perform a property condition assessment. Our structural engineers will evaluate every piece of the building to make sure they are not damaged or deteriorated. If you’re buying a building, you want to go in knowing you won’t be stuck making costly repairs right away. Having this assessment will also give you a stronger understanding of the fair market value of the building. m2e will prepare a detailed report summarizing all structural components and mechanical systems, noting any defects that will require your attention before taking full ownership of the property.

    Specialty Engineering Services

    m2e’s Naples team is a talented collection of engineers with the capability of working cross-discipline to solve challenging engineering problems that require a specialized approach. Our expert team will work with you to develop a creative design. We look forward to the opportunity to work with clients on specialty engineering projects.

    Condominium Developer Services in Naples

    Our team has experience working on condominium projects throughout Florida and works with developers to maximize the value of their investment. m2e teams up with condominium developers in the Naples area to secure their property and perform structural calculations and develop construction plans. m2e will oversee the construction of your building and guide you through the turnover process. Additionally, m2e also offers commissioning services and can assist in the long-term maintenance and operation of your condominium

    Condo Construction Turnover Services

    Upon completion of condominium construction, Naples developers know they can count on m2e to provide assistance in closing out the project with turnover reports. m2e’s structural engineers will inspect the building and write a report summarizing the finished architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical components. If there are any issues with the quality of construction, we will find them and help you address them before taking full ownership of the building.

    Specialty Engineering

    When a project requires specialty engineering, Naples builders know they can count on m2e’s team of experienced engineering consultants. Our engineers have specialized experience in building envelope design and construction. The building envelope is an important component of the structure because it is your line of defense against wind, rain and sun – especially important given the severe storms that can whip across the state of Florida. m2e will work with you to design a building envelope that protects the important structural components and helps maintain a comfortable environment on the inside

    Attorney Services

    m2e’s Naples engineers work with both plaintiff and defense attorneys by providing expert witness services and legal consultation when engineering judgment is required to build a case. We have been involved in legal cases dealing with a variety of construction and real estate disputes. m2e has a multi-disciplinary staff whose expertise is wide-ranging. If you have a legal question, rest assured at least one member of our staff will be able to serve as an expert on that topic. m2e’s engineers stay up to date on the legal industry by attending seminars and forums on dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. Our attorney services also include performing engineer’s inspections, which can also be used to support your case.

    Litigation Support

    Litigation can be an unavoidable cost of being in the development or construction business, and it’s not something anyone in the industry looks forward to. Fortunately, expert engineers at m2e are prepared to help support you if you are dragged into a case questioning your work or are seeking compensation for poorly performed work on one of your properties. m2e has provided legal support for clients in cases dealing with contracts, construction flaws, insurance and industrial accidents. Regardless of what type of case you have, if it requires an engineer’s judgment, m2e is willing to help.

    Expert Witnessing Services

    Every legal case comes down to the power of witness testimony, and that includes cases in the realm of engineering and construction. So, when you need an expert witness to weigh in with engineering judgment, turn to m2e. We will provide an engineer who is an expert in their field to serve as a witness. m2e will back your case so that you can feel confident about your chances of coming out on top.

    Inspection and Reporting

    Without a thorough inspection by a licensed engineer, it is difficult to build a strong legal case to settle a construction dispute. m2e knows this and can provide inspection services that become a foundation for a strong case as evidence. After performing the inspection, m2e’s engineers will write a detailed report that will evaluate the quality of work performed on the site and compare it to contract documents, noting any defects.

    Mediation / Arbitration / Litigation Preparation, Presentation and Support

    When there is a legal dispute in the construction world, it’s typically in the best interest of all parties involved to avoid a drawn-out court battle. Understanding this, m2e works with our clients to reach a fair settlement before it gets that far. m2e can assist in mediation and arbitration to help both parties come to an agreement on terms that are fair to everyone.

    Architectural Services in the Naples Area

    m2e’s Naples engineers have built a strong working relationship with area architects and support their creative visions for unique buildings and structures. Our structural engineers work with architects to frame out their buildings, while our MEP team provides design services for important components like HVAC, electrical systems and plumbing. Naples architects know they can trust m2e’s engineers to help them flesh out their buildings with structural members and finishing touches.

    Design and Engineering

    m2e’s engineering team brings a focused design approach to every project. We work with our clients to develop a multi-disciplinary approach that will be able to develop creative solutions to complex structures and buildings. m2e’s engineers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

    Structural Design

    After the architect puts something on paper, the duty falls on m2e’s structural engineers to design the beams, columns and connections that will make the building stand up. Our structural engineers design the building’s frame and ensure it can safely carry its loads. In addition to design work and analysis, m2e’s structural engineers are also available for building inspections, rehabilitation details and post-construction services.

    Electrical Design

    Flip the switch and bring your building to life by working with m2e’s team of electrical engineers and designers. Our team will work with you to design an electrical system with enough juice to power your operation. m2e is well-versed in all electrical codes and can design a system capable of handling even the most complex electrical requirements.

    Mechanical Design

    m2e’s MEP engineering team will design a mechanical system for your building that keeps everyone inside comfortable with clean, healthy air that is free of pollutants. The HVAC system is one of the most important components of a building, and sets the environment for everyone inside.

    Plumbing Design

    Every building needs a water supply to function, regardless of how it is being used. m2e’s engineers are capable of designing a system that will provide your structure with a continuous supply of clean, potable water. Our team can also design systems to handle wastewater and effluent and carry it off-site to the treatment plant.

    Fire Protection Design

    Every building must comply with all applicable fire codes to ensure that everyone inside will be safe if a fire breaks out. It’s m2e’s job to work with building owners and developers to make sure that they are providing enough fire exits, clearly marked escape routes and fire extinguishers. Our plumbing team is also capable of designing sprinkler systems if required.

    Civil Design

    m2e’s Naples civil engineers team up with structural engineers to round out the project with site design services. Our civil design capabilities include stormwater design, traffic studies and grading and landscaping plans. Count on our civil engineers to develop a suitable, stunning site for your building.

    Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

    Buildings must have a fireproofing system in place to ensure they are safe for people to live and work. m2e works with property owners to design and test their fireproofing systems and glazing. Our staff will work to understand your building needs and design a fire safing system using windows and vision glass to ensure the safety of all occupants.

    Construction Administration

    After completing the design phase, m2e will continue to work with our clients throughout the construction phase. Our team coordinates and oversees construction and acts as a central point of contact for owners and their construction team. Our construction services include monitoring, contract administration, inspection and testing.

    Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

    m2e stands by our clients when they are forced to head to court. We provide litigation support with a team of expert witnesses who are well-versed in the world of legal proceedings surrounding real estate, engineering and construction. We work hard to build a winning case that is supported by firm engineering judgment.

    Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

    m2e knows that many new buildings rely on complex and intricate systems to operate at full capacity. Because many building owners do not have the specialized knowledge or experience working these systems, m2e works with them on basic and enhanced commissioning to ensure that all staff knows how to operate the electrical, lighting and HVAC systems.

    Independent Building Expert Services

    Some complex buildings and structures need long-term engineering support to ensure that everything is running as intended. This is where m2e can step in and help. Our engineers develop long-term working relations with clients to handle the maintenance and operation of complex systems long after construction winds down.

    m2e Engineering Consultants proudly service the Naples area, including Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park, Riverview, Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel. Contact m2e today to schedule your consultation.

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