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Our Quality Assurance services cater to the complexities and risks inherent in modern construction projects. Recognizing the escalating costs of construction litigation due to work defects, national developers have engaged us to develop a system to pinpoint critical defects. Over years of practical application, our service has evolved into a comprehensive three-part program: Plan Review, Field and Specialty Inspections, and Closeout.

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    Plan Review

    Initiated during the advanced Design Documents phase, this review covers architectural, structural, and MEP engineering disciplines. Leveraging our extensive experience with similar projects, we identify potential design issues that could lead to construction defects, suggest alternative materials and solutions based on value and performance, and ensure compliance with local codes. This process involves a deep understanding of local workforce capabilities and effective construction methods. After completing our review, we collaborate with design professionals to incorporate our findings into the next iteration of construction documents.

    Field Inspections

    Typically starting with the first elevated slab, these inspections occur at regular intervals and focus on critical building components. Our team ensures the work aligns with construction documents and industry standards, with a keen eye on elements frequently involved in construction litigation. Certain systems, like Post-Tension (PT) cables, require additional Specialty Inspections. We utilize proprietary inspection software to provide immediate feedback, enabling on-site personnel to address issues promptly. We maintain a record of unresolved issues, ensuring they remain below a critical threshold.


    This final phase begins as construction nears completion. It involves addressing any unresolved issues from Field Inspections, reviewing as-built drawings, and compiling essential closeout documents such as Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Warranties for materials and systems.

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