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Full-Service Design and Engineering Consulting with One Call

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Full Service Design & Engineering Consulting Services

Full-Service Design and Engineering Services with One Call

m2e is full of talent and expertise, which is why on top of our professional staff of engineers, we also offer full service design. We have design services because with the proper education in engineering, you can make sure the design of the construction project is not only right and maintainable, but also will work for the engineers who are putting in the work.

The design process is one of the first steps on the project and it lays the foundation of what the project will be. It is one of the most important aspects of the project because it is all about making sure everything is laid out from the beginning to have a successful ending. There are many common types of design and engineering services that we offer, from the outside structure to the inner mechanics and plumbing.

Common Types of Design and Engineering Services

Structural Design

To design a structure in a way that has stability and strength is structural design. m2e makes sure that we are consulting engineers with structures that can stand the test of time and weather, such as fires, earthquakes, and wind. Structural design is architectural drawings, plans for slabs, beams, and columns, and even a final overview of the documents submitted. Our structural engineers design the building’s frame and ensure it can safely carry its loads. In addition to design work and analysis, m2e’s structural engineers are also available for building inspections, rehabilitation details and post-construction services.

Electrical Design

Electrical design is just as it sounds. It is planning all of the electrical equipment and components from lighting and power systems to telecommunications infrastructure and cooling systems. The steps that go into electrical design is knowing your layout, making sure you plan ahead of time, start with the inside of the building and then walk through your plan to make sure all the electrical systems will work when implemented.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is when mechanical engineers design and create machines that were tested from prototypes to work in the construction site created. Examples of these designs are elements that go into electric generators, internal combustion engines, and air conditioning systems. m2e’s MEP engineering team will design a mechanical system for your building that keeps everyone inside comfortable with clean, healthy air that is free of pollutants. The HVAC system is one of the most important components of a building, and sets the environment for everyone inside. Mechanical designers will design components of these machines, like the shaft, clutches, and fasteners. They make sure the machine is functioning properly, are specified in things like weight, precision, and working volume, and evaluate the criteria to problem-solve before problems might arise.

Plumbing Design

Plumbing is important because of water and waste, and a good plumbing designer can make sure that the project being worked on is saving water and energy sources. Plumbing design can be drain systems, water fixtures. The design is important in making sure each component is placed in a correct location. Designing these plumbing systems is also important because these engineers and designers must make sure that they are in compliance with the building code.

Fire Protection Design

Code compliance and legal issues are something to look at when designing fire protection systems. The primary basis of this design is to save lives, save property, and make sure the business keeps running smoothly. What fire protection design includes are alarms, detections, and suppression systems. Fire protection design comes with more than just the design itself. The building’s use, occupancy, and overall footprints are some functionalities to consider, as well as other systems that are being planned and installed in the building. It’s m2e’s job to work with building owners and developers to make sure that they are providing enough fire exits, clearly marked escape routes and fire extinguishers. Our plumbing team is also capable of designing sprinkler systems if required.

Civil Design

In building design, civil designers build structures such as stadiums, hospitals and airports. They focus on the transportation systems around the building, as well. Our civil design capabilities include stormwater design, traffic studies and grading and landscaping plans. Count on our civil engineers to develop a suitable, stunning site for your building. Civil designers create maps for construction projects using computer-aided design software (CAD), and they design for both commercial and residential areas. They even design erosion control systems.

Fire Safing Equivalency Studies

Fire safing, or fire stopping, is essentially putting tested materials in open areas to restore fire-safety in a building. m2e works with property owners to design and test their fireproofing systems and glazing. Testing these materials is imperative to these studies, and they consist mainly of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Studying the way each fire safing component was designed and engineered is important for the safety of those using the building and is in accordance with what is required. Our staff will work to understand your building needs and design a fire safing system using windows and vision glass to ensure the safety of all occupants. 

Construction Administration (All Engineering Disciplines)

Construction administration is when the designers take time to overlook the engineering and construction process in each engineering discipline. Their involvement matters to make sure problems are being solved at a rapid pace to keep moving the project forward. If any changes are to be made to the project design they are also there to delegate what needs to be done for a successful construction infrastructure. Our construction services include monitoring, contract administration, inspection and testing.

Litigation Support (Level of Care Litigation, Dispute Resolution)

From designers, to engineers, to construction workers, it is imperative to make sure everything is staying on track. We provide legal assistance to make sure each piece of the construction project is aligning with code and being resolved before anything unexpected happens. We provide litigation support with a team of expert witnesses who are well versed in the world of legal proceedings surrounding real estate, engineering and construction. We work hard to build a winning case that is supported by firm engineering judgement.

Commissioning (Basic and Enhanced)

Basic Commissioning is optimization of the process. This includes the scheduling, planning, documenting, training, and adjusting with the building staff so they can ensure that all parts of the project will function properly. Enhanced Commissioning is all of what is included in basic commissioning, along with the participation of the design phase and a post-construction follow-up. Commissioning basically ensures that the infrastructure will have on-site quality as well as in-field quality to maximize operations.

Independent Building Expert Services

Some complex buildings and structures need long-term engineering support to ensure that everything is running as intended. This is where m2e can step in and help. Our engineers develop long-term working relations with clients to handle maintenance and operation of complex systems long after construction winds down. We help with the maintenance of the building and answer any questions that might arise after the commissioning process.

From planning and design, to engineering and construction, all the way to post-project maintenance and legal assistance, we bring all of these services to our clients under one roof. It is extremely important for us to have a strong professional involvement on all aspects of a project to make sure that it’s right.

The culture at m2e is to care for our clients first. We even offer additional services, like home inspections, automated parking garages services, and IT consulting. We are a construction and engineering consulting firm that does it all with dedication, perseverance and excellence.

m2e’s engineering team brings a focused design approach to every project. We work with our clients to develop a multi-disciplinary approach that will be able to develop creative solutions to complex structures and buildings. m2e’s engineers will work with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and we can make sure you get started on your next construction project with accuracy and efficiency. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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