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Miami Engineering & Consulting

Engineering consulting services by m2e are here to solve a variety of problems. With expertise in the fields of residential, commercial and hospitality institutional markets, m2e offers a diversity of talent, expertise and skills in engineering services.


Engineering Consulting Services for Florida Developers

In Miami and throughout Florida, real estate development often comes along with some demanding building codes combined with high construction costs. New construction can be delayed if designs are not compliant and existing building owners can face significant penalties for missing code requirements in renovations and upgrades.

Project design, consulting, construction administration, and commissioning are all services that help simplify property development and ensure occupant safety. In addition to providing developers with industry-leading engineering services, we also guarantee:

Owner’s Representation

An owner’s rep, simply put, is the person or company who represents the owner of a building or faculty project. We ensure that the owner’s project needs are met and that the project comes in on time and under budget.

The person assigned to enhance your company’s current in-house team has technical expertise in construction, real estate and architecture. The owner’s representative’s involvement can work across all or any stages of a project including conception, design, construction, completion, and close out.

To assist an owner who often does not have the time or expertise to deal with the technicalities of a building or facility project, an Owner’s Rep can help with project elements such as securing permits, ensuring requirements, fielding proposal requests and managing the project budget/schedules.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance engineers help track the development process of a product from start to finish. Their goal is to create safeguards for products to be market-ready and meet all government regulations before their release. We help to oversee each phase of production, testing each part to ensure it meets company standards.

Pre-turnover & Turnover Services

We provide pre-turnover and turnover reports in order to assist the developer with completing all tasks to the highest standard of quality. Projects are carefully inspected to provide a quality assessment of every aspect such as architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical.

Litigation Support

Construction litigation support helps you map out your projects with unbiased, technical answers. Whether your company is facing pending litigation, or you require an engineering expert for upcoming cases, we can help you clarify the big picture with a scientific perspective in order to guide the legal direction with keeping technical details in mind.

Some examples of the litigation arenas in which we provide support are patents, infringement, contract disputes, large-scale industrial accidents and insurance disputes.

Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

When you are in the market to purchase, lease, finance or maintain a piece of commercial real estate, a property condition assessment, or PCA is important in order to gauge the current state of the property. This formal building inspection is the standard for assessing commercial property and is commonly performed as part of a property transaction.

Specialty Engineering

To best serve the needs of our clients, we support specialty designs, inspections and the technical activities required to deliver a project. Engineers that carry out specialty activities have thorough knowledge in their specified field and hence provide the specialized advice needed to support the overall effort.

Engineering Design

Every project begins with a detailed analysis and design in order identify risk prevention procedures, perimeter protection and site security. Every facet of the project from mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural design is mapped out and peer reviewed to best plan out the construction project.


Residential Condo Engineering Consulting in Florida

If you are looking to build or remodel a condo, m2e’s engineering consulting services are helpful to provide technical information and solutions. Our licensed engineers can sign off on both the preliminary and final construction documents for building permits and other municipal requirements. We have the experience needed in not only the technical issues involved, but also are familiar with the world of condos and their special needs, such as:

Owner Representation

An Owner’s Rep for a residential condominium is similar to those who represent developer services. We follow a multidisciplinary approach to in order to assist your professional project management.

The owner’s representative serves to maximize cost projections and time on projects with contract assistance/selection, financing packages, bank reporting and progress updating with in-house engineering assistance.

Turnover Services

Turnover inspection and reports are similar to those for developer services in which projects are carefully inspected to provide a quality assessment. We also guarantee post turnover assistance in developer settlement and repair inspection.

Litigation Support

Much like litigation support that we provide for developer services, condos may also be subject to litigation pertaining to property appraisal. Condominium experts assist in the mediation, arbitration, preparation and presentation of any construction litigation that may come up.


Florida Attorneys Rely on m2e for Litigation Support

The engineers at m2e can offer expert testimony in the form of preparation and presentation for both plaintiff and defense attorneys for construction litigation. Our staff has provided expert witness services for all engineering disciplines and we frequently participate in a variety of dispute resolution forums including negotiations, mediation, arbitration, appraisal, inspections and reporting services. Are you a Florida attorney specializing in construction litigation? m2e is your firms new partner.


We’re Dedicated Architect Partners Too

A great architectural result is more than just a building; it’s the creation of a deliberate, high-performance venue that has a positive, longstanding impression on your people, work and community. We help to bring form and function together with civil design in all facets including fire protection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and structural.

Achieving balance between intricate technical requirements and captivating, individual centered design is done by commissioning, construction administration and litigation support in order to enable productivity and stimulate creativity. Florida architectural firms trust m2e. Read more about how we can help your architectural firm.

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